The vertical wine tasting was carried out with great care in the preparations to maximize our enjoyment. The wines were decanted twice so the bouquet and drink ability would be maximized without having to deal with the dregs. After the first decanting the original wine bottles were rinsed of any residue, the wine was decanted back into their bottles and allowed to rest for about thirty minutes. The wines in question were a 1988, 1989 and 1990 bottles of Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. We had three distinct wine glasses, the youngest wine to the left the oldest on the right. I was elected as the pour and gingerly poured the elixirs into the goblets.
I chose to start from the left with the youngest 1990 to heighten my senses for the deep dark 1988 glass of wine staring at me. This wine had wonderful color; it had great legs long and syrupy. The nose was filled with cherries and I thought a little chocolate. The taste was silky and spicy but without biting tannin’s. This wine could still be cellared for another one or two years.
The 1989 year was a difficult year in Napa Valley due to the rains. However, the grapes for this bottle were carefully selected by the master winemaker to produce this remarkable lively wine. Sipping this wine is being transported to a farm with ripe plums and black cherries, it clean taste is enhanced by Asian flavors. If you can find a bottle of this wonderful flavorful wine buy it now!
The 1988 wine is amazing after all these years but its near the end of its prime. Nevertheless, the wine drinks like the” nectar of the Gods.” I sat there marveling how wonderful this wine tasted. The taste was round, no rough edges, smooth and soft like velvet. The wine had overtones of blackberries and plums. I felt honored that my friends would choose me over other folks to share in this amazing night and on my birthday what a gift! Thanks you to my friends and hearty thanks to Beringer who continue making wonderful wines.