Numanthia Termes is this massive wine that if decanted now still needs about three to five hours to release the wonderful layers. At the dinner party I described this wine placed second in our tasting. However the other wine was a blend and was done masterfully to be sure. This wine is so huge it will still be young well beyond 2015. I really plan on being around to drink up the rest of these great bottles.

I do have some 2005 that I haven’t opened yet and perhaps I will try one next year and report my tasting notes

Canada is starting to produce some world-class wines. Southern Ontario along the Lake Ontario where the grapes were sourced is a very big wine with succulent layers of flavors with a long smooth clean finish that clings to the palette.

I purchased the wine in Ontario at the wine outlet in Niagara on the Lake. I’m not sure if any more is available since only 17 barrels were made. Here is a link to their website Hillebrand Estates Winery. I would recommend taking a good look for some value priced wines out of Ontario.