The other day I tried to hit the golf ball toward the green in a timely fashion, I failed more times than I care to recall. Humbled again by this strange sport I returned home to the simple red sauce for the spaghetti dinner that night. I have a diffuser that allows me to have the stove top on low but the diffuser makes the element extra low. The sauce redolent with basil, oregano and spicy Italian sausage, a few fresh morels sliced into the concoction continued to marry the herbs and spices into a wonderful rich but light sauce. Now what to drink? Surely something Italian, not something extravagant as a super Tuscan for what really amounts to a peasant dinner. I found the perfect bottle a long forgotten 2000 Palazzo Della Torre Allegrini. I bought a case of this wine about seven years ago and over the course of time was never that impressed with the wine, it was always on the raw side indicating the wine hadn’t matured. This last precious bottle seduced the senses, a voluptuous full-bodied taste filled with soft leather, fruit and raisins. The taste lingered on your tongue like a lover’s kiss. We instinctively slowed our drinking down to savor the wondrous flavors complementing the sauce and bread and cheese.
I’ve been on the Internet trying to locate some more of the wine and so far this particular vintage appears to be long gone. The wine isn’t an expensive acquisition under twenty dollars, I’d recommend the wine; just lay down for a few years.