Discovery is a singular human experience; we mere mortals make discoveries in unlikely ways. Sixteen months ago on a day filled with high howling winds, pitiless rain that pounded my car along California’s fabled highway one hard against the Pacific Ocean I turned onto highway 128 into the Anderson Valley. The area has thick forests, lush hills that are dotted with vineyards and farms. The rain was relentless and I had conceded to myself that today will not be a wine tasting day. I was driving on the slow side due to the weather conditions when I happened to see a small sign on the roadway with the name of a winery I had never heard of before. I have traveled the roadway many times and the sign was never seen. I pulled in and scampered to the entrance getting a good soaking in the short distance I covered from car to front door. Not surprising I was the only potential customer in the place.
I sampled the wines offered, reds and white and ended up purchasing wine and one of these wines is the subject of this dissertation. The bottle is Claudia Springs 2006 Zinfandel. I’m not a fan per se of the grape, yes I enjoy a good bottle but it is never my first choice. I carry it in my cellar for good friends who enjoy this wine and Sunday this wine was opened.
The wine filled your mouth with ripe, juicy berries; you knew it was going to be a mystery since the wine was a deep purple-black whose aromas filled your nostrils with California sunshine and fruit. Glycerin legs slowly retreated back into the wine goblet, seductively teasing you with the promise of another rich mouthful of wine. Alas this story does have a sad ending since I have only this bottle and only ninety-eight cases were produced I’m going online to find some more Claudia Springs Winery.
The grapes come from the Mendocino Ridge, Perli Vineyard and Potato Patch what a wonderful discovery on a rain-sodden day.