The past few bottles of wine have been the last ones of my cellar. Today is no different. I’m slowly drinking the wonderful Chateau Quercy 2001. I have to state what may seem the obvious to some but not so transparent to others. Saint Émilion produces some of the best wines in the world and because they are on the other side of the famous river Garonne from its famous cousin Bordeaux. The wine above is a Grand Cru that has become softer, rounder and would probably hold its structure for another three to five years.

The legs are thick and ropy and if my memory serves me correctly the last bottle I had was a few years ago, and by comparison was quite raw. I smell hints of blackberry and cherry and a little leather. I’m out of some good cheese like Brie or smooth goat cheese and a crisp apple or pear to compliment the last of the lovely bottle of wine.

This isn’t an especially expensive bottle of wine; if you can find some I suggest you try a bottle or two. You won’t be disappointed.

The village of Saint Émilion is a wonderful adventure. The car we had rented was too big for the roads and was parked on the outside. The village is quite hilly and is famous for several other things aside from world-class wines. For thousands of years religious hermits practiced their religion inside caves and there is the monumental cave within the city where a church is carved out of the yellow limestone. The village was recently given the “World Heritage site” which means no more development. If you are in France this is a place not to be missed, not just for the wine but its incredible history going all the way back to the second century AD.