On July 25th, I had a special dinner for a few people. The occasion was the opening of a magnum of wine and the attendant meal to match the party. Domaine Drouhin is a winery located in Burgundy France for the past one hundred and thirty years. In 1987, they acquired land and built a beautiful Chateau and winery atop the Dundee Hills of Oregon that overlooks the Willamette Valley and the Cascade mountains to the east.
The last time I visited the winery, in Oregon, I purchased a luscious Chardonnay and a few other bottles that all have been drunk through the years. My last purchase that day was the magnum of their finest Pinot Noir a 2005 Louise. The wine had a 95 from Robert Parker, so it was with great anticipation to open the cherished bottle with close friends who also appreciate a fine bottle of wine.
We had two different Cava’s the buoyant effervescence matched well with the two appetizers. The first dish was a simple light dish consisting of a Red Pepper Coulis, with a warmed goat cheese round dredged in egg then dipped into fresh finely minced rosemary, basil and garlic. The round rested before being placed in a combination of unsalted butter and extra-virgin olive oil and heated through while getting a golden-brown crust. The second appetizer was a Spanish Tapas dish from Spain the English translations are shrimp with garlic Catalonia Style, a simple dish that fought for dominance with the Cava. I think there was a nice balance between the two.
The next two dishes were Tucson in origin, and both were served together; a Tucson bean salad served at room temperature and a center-cut pork rib roast. The latter was marinating rosemary, garlic, lemon juice, cracked white pepper corns and extra-virgin olive oil for about fourteen hours. This was seared quickly and left on the grill for about two hours on indirect heat from the briquettes. The Pinot Noir was a wonderful match; whereas the pork had a little bite in the seasoning, the full rich luscious wine balanced against the spices and added the dimension of pairing so well with pork.
Our dessert was a simple fresh peach tart with a lovely ice wine Chardonnay brought by one of the couples.