Several years ago I had a day odyssey driving through memory lane; the memories of my youth along highway two that ran from Toronto to Niagara Falls. It was a day spent lazily stopping at wineries that weren’t in existence when I was a lad. All the buildings of my day were never more than two or three stories, not the skyscrapers that appeared everywhere on this day.
Eventually I came upon a structure so grand I thought perhaps I was transported to Chateau in Bordeaux. The vineyard was just showing tiny green buds that spring day when I entered the palatial winery. A few minutes after entering a woman with a dazzling smile started to talk to me about wine. Frankly I’m not sure to this day if the smile captivated me or the conversation about wine. This human dynamo and I engaged in lofty conversation regarding wines and in particular the wine of this story. I did buy that day ice wine, and a few other bottles of red wine in addition to the bottle in question.
The other bottles have long ago been drunk. The lady with the effervescent smile and I became friends over the years and shared some outstanding wines from around the world but never this bottle. I’ve been keeping this wine for a special occasion; however I’m finding special occasions are far fewer than in days past, so on Saturday I opened the bottle. I must admit I was a little doubtful that the wine would still be good. After all how good could a bottle of wine taste coming from of all places in the universe Southern Ontario Canada? The Peller Signature series 1999 Cabernet Franc Grand Reserve is a full-bodied wine of intense saturation of deep red, the aroma was filled with a myriad of olfactory delights ranging from a soft raspberry to a mellow chocolate. I drank this wine over two days and in retrospect I think I could have let it rest for another few years.

I’ve scoured the internet searching for the wine without success. If you find it let me know I’d love to acquire another bottle of this wonderful wine. The lady with the smile well she is still smiling and moved across the river to be with her American husband. I don’t see them as often as I’d like. We email to stay connected