Last night I was at good friends for dinner and we had local wine. The first was from Basel Cellars Estate Winery. The Winery is located in the much celebrated Walla Walla Valley in South Eastern Washington State and yes it is the word Walla repeated. This is a wonderful place to grow grapes for wine, gently rolling hills of the Palouse and lots of sunshine during the day and cool nights. This particular winery has a beautiful stone château and spacious lawns and of course grapevines upon the hills.

I didn’t see this wine on their website this afternoon nevertheless the wine in question is called entitled “The Alchemist” and by the very name you know it’s a blend. Fifty percent Cabernet Sauvignon, forty percent Merlot and ten percent Cabernet Franc. The wine can be cellared until 2012 and the bottle we had last night got much better as it opened up. The next time I open a bottle I’ll let it breathe for two hours. The wine reminded me of a nice Bordeaux with nice plum and cherry overtones. Although the wine is pricey around $62.50 it was a good investment. I’ll leave the last bottle for two more years and have with a fine roast of beef or game.