Wines like Chateauneuf duPape 2000 is a rare treat. What struck me was the finish, a languid taste that slowly dissipated, The flavor was lush, filled with fruit. My companion concurred and also tasted hints of Kirsch. The wine was drunk with various cheeses and crackers.

A rare treat and wonderful wine.

A 2000 Jewel

The next wine was with the Italian meal. I hadn’t tasted this wine for several years. The wine comes from Oregon. J. Scott Columbia Roussanne 2011 shows the round, rich flavors typical of Roussanne from Washington’s hot Columbia valley. It has aromas of honeysuckle and quince. It has great weight in the mid-palate but finishes with lovely acidity. It’s a great summer sipping wine.The review was from Avalon wine & Northwest-wine. My own tastes were the weight and the quince.  It had a lovely finish that enhanced the Farro salad . I’ll buy this wine soon.

This next wine was also brought by another guest to this dinner. FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon the wine is made by three athlete’s.  I’d say it is  medium weight with a fullness that complemented the meal.  Where the wine above was matched with the Farro salad. this wine drank well with the rich tomato sauce and clams. the two dishes can be seen at:


Cabernet Sauvignon