Although the photo on the left shows 2002 we indeed drank the 2003 I threw out the bottle before taking a picture.
The other night my buddy John and I shared a bottle of Alain Paret 2003 Rochecourbe from the Appellation Saint-Joseph with dinner. The winery is located in North of Côtes du Rhône France. The wine poured out a deep ruby, after several swirls long legs formed while lazily sliding back into the wine. Tasting wine is so subjective I really don’t think there are many wrong answers, if you like the wine it’s good. However when two admittedly wine aficionado’s like John and myself compare verbal notes, sometimes people diverge on opinions. My first reaction was I detected sharpness in the aroma, not unpleasant more a surprise, my initial taste confirmed the sharpness that soon evolved into a peppery flavor with fruit overtones. Within ten minutes the sharpness rounded out and each sip was a celebration of the best of Syrah/Shiraz, lush, full bodied with a clean lingering aftertaste. We both thought this wine was the perfect foil to the slow cooked pork roast redolent with peppers, onions and wine.

It is too bad I took this bottle first, since I also have two bottles of the 2002 vintage. Oh well I’ll just have to wait until I’m in the mood for a wonderful Syrah and some great French food.

If you have a wine you would like to talk about please do, I’m always on the look out for value for the dollar wines. I’ll make it a point to start talking about wine I drink and perhaps we can get a discussion board going.

The Bald Guy