Falls are the leading cause of death,and injury among the elderly population. One out of every three seniors will fall this year. Last year alone, more than 1.6 million seniors were treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. There is a many websites that have great information on how to make your home safer. The other thing you need to do is exercise regularly, and TRX is the ideal system to increase your stability, balance and build a stronger core. If you do fall, and you are an exerciser you probably have time to use your hands to cushion the fall, or because you are stronger stop the fall altogether. Please allow me a few minutes of your time to show you how beneficial TRX is for the elderly.
1.If I asked the average senior to do some double leg squats chances are several will fall over, because they lack the stability to fulfill the exercise. See the adjoining photo, the person is holding onto the TRX straps for balance.doluble leg squat This allows the participant to engage their core, Glutes and quadriceps in a safe manner.
2. The simple beauty of TRX is the person uses their own weight to build lean muscle mass as shown this photo of a low row. Here the exerciser is engaging the core, rhomboids and mid trapezius muscles in their back.Low row
3. This is a TRX chest press; please note the angle of the body in the photo. This is an excellent example of how to gauge the degree of difficulty that can be varied and tailored to the individual senior.Chest Press
Oh again your core is engaged and your pectorals are building lean muscle mass.
My intent is not to give you an entire lesson plan, that you can receive your DVD when you purchase the TRX system; or you could join the YMCA and take a TRX class. They are fun, safe and can be tailored to the senior. Many of the exercises can be modified in such a manner that the elderly person can do the exercise safely an in a fun environment. I am almost seventy-three and started this regime when I turned seventy. I’ve had an eighty-two year old lady in one class. So fellow seniors, help yourself live safer and longer because you are being proactive and exercising.