August 5 2010

Okay I’m the first to admit it, I over did the exercise yesterday August the 5th the day of my mother’s 90th birthday. Spokane was sweltering close to 100° by late afternoon. However my story starts early on Thursday, I have friends who live just six miles from my home and the route is mostly along the Spokane River. I should have sedately ridden the route, instead I pedaled like a madman maintaining a speed of seventeen miles per hour and once our twice at Mach two or twenty three miles and hour. I don’t have one of those sleek racer bikes, mine is a hybrid, a cross between a street bike and a mountain bicycle with knobby tires. When I arrived, I was sweaty and hot. My friend was kind enough to give me a towel to dry off my face, before I ventured into a veritable garden of Eden. She had nice fat red radishes, yellow tomatoes, red and gold beets, green lettuce, red lettuce two types of Basil, green and the beautiful rich purple variety, green and yellow squash and cool green cucumbers and lovely Yukon gold potatoes. Oh yes towering spring green onions and fragrant dill. I took enough for perhaps three days, what I couldn’t put into my narrow pack she was kind enough to bring over later a beautiful red cabbage and the aforementioned squash.
My bike ride back was not much less strenuous until halfway back and then like a bolt of lightening my brain synapse started firing—fool today is Terrible Thursday at the Y, slow down. I did and promptly forgot about the five o’clock date and attended other matters. I left a four to make my usual walk downtown and once again my febrile brain said too late, “idiot you should have ridden your bike and not get worn down by the heat.” Well I arrived tired and not quite sure I could complete whatever devious exercises Nichole concocted. I also know factually through the years there were times I didn’t want to go out for hockey practice because I was tired or the gym, but always without fail I feel better after exercising. The following were the exercises for the day after our three warm-up exercises, so get the body warmed up and the heart rate inching toward triple digit numbers. All the exercises are done for approximately one minute duration.

1. 40 lunges with push-ups. This is straight forward.

2. Star Matrix plus Rond de jambe en l’air en dedans en releve. In English this is as follows. First you, lunge forward and then swing the loose leg behind you and to the opposite side of that particular leg. Secondly, you straighten out the lunging leg stand on your toes, extend the free leg out horizontally and swing in a controlled manner the foot back the match the other leg.
3. Walking handstands, I didn’t do this because I want to be quite sure my back can handle the stress of the exercise. I did some chest presses instead. The method of doing this exercise is as follows you place both suspended straps into what is called the “single handed mode”, place on foot in the sling, using both hands and the free leg walk backwards, as you walk the TRX straps will become taut and you end up in a vertical position, you place your free leg alongside the tethered foot and try to do a few push-ups.

4. Suspended Burpee is another one I didn’t do for the same reason as above.

5. This next one is new too me a Single Leg Hamstring Curl, lying on your back, one leg in the sling and bent at a 90° angle, hands at our side for stability your free leg angled and on the floor, the following sequence takes place. You, raise yourself up, so you are engaging the strong core muscles to support not only your weight but to stabilize your body straighten out the tethered foot as you bring it back you swing the leg upwards and maintain this leg being suspended over your head while you do the crunches. This is not an exercise for the faint of heart.

6. Hip Abduction, this could be done with you back on the pad or you body in an angled plank. Heels in the straps you extend the legs outward, keeping the foot straight and using the heels to control the extensions.

7. Spiderman Crunch is really a manifestation of the versilty of this program. Both feet are tethered and in the plank position they manifold exercises many I have discussed. With the particular one instead of bringing your knees to your chest in the traditional crunch, you spread your legs so the crunch takes place on the outside of your elbows.

Well now we finally get to stand up and do the next four exercises more or less vertical.

8. Sprinter Starts: as the title implies we do modify for TRX. The straps are extended to the fullest and held beneath our armpits and between our arms and body. One leg is extended behind you as in a sprinter’s crouch. So you are in a semi lunge position. The trailing leg powers forward until your knee is parallel to your chest. All the exercises are done on both sides.

9. Low Row this is an easy almost relaxing way to start the beginning of the end. You hold the straps in front of you at about a forty-five degree angle, you lean way back with your arms extended. Using your core and back muscles you bring yourself back up.

10. Reverse Fly to a Y, this is a fun one. Hands extended in front of you lean back and as you propel yourself into the vertical position your arms are being opened into a Y.

11. This next one is particularly good if you are a golfer or hacker (like me) or just want a limber strong body make sure this next exercise in your repertoire. It is called the Rotational Standing Obliques: The straps are in single handle mode, lean back with arms fully extended. You start up and while doing so you rotate your body either to the left of right. This is great for any rotational sports.

12. Side Plank with Rotation: This can be done two different ways. First is you lean on your forearm with one leg in the loop of the TRX strap, elevate you body so you are at angle, swing the free arm under your body and try to rotate in that direction to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. The second way is by far more difficult you extend on arm fully with all your weight between the arm and the tethered leg, the other arm is extended above your head and then you swing down and around. I know it builds incredible strength and flexibility.

13. Lucky thirteen the Scorpion, this is one more adaptation to the plank. One leg in the strap, you are horizontal with tight abs. You take your free leg and swing it up and around your body, then swing it back under your body, all the while maintaining a flat plank.

Afterwards I felt energized, I took a cool shower put on my damp walking clothes and headed home.