The Express class on the 27th of March was a fast paced thirty minutes of lively exercises. In these classes often times we have folks who were in the beginner class right before this time frame and wisely Nicole doesn’t add any new lessons. However it isn’t a cakewalk either. We did once a few weeks ago have a new movement added because all the class where regulars. Sitting in the hot tub was always welcomed afterwards.

Normally Nicole L. is our instructor, on Tuesday mornings however she and her family were on vacation since it was spring break for the children. Our leader for this class was a lady named Crystal and she had her own way of doing things and it was fun, rigorous and we got to learn a few more ways of doing things. We have always done bicep curls with two hands. We would lean back, keeping our elbows high and using our core muscles lift our self toward our arms, having the hands come up next to our ears. This time we used only one hand and leaned back sideways and pulled ourselves up toward our hand, far more difficult. Another thing we did was what I call a flying Y lunge. As you lunge forward your arms are extended back and upward in a Y. This not only utilizes the core but opens up the chest and shoulder muscles. I enjoyed the feeling of being more limber. Several plank exercises were done also and at the end of the forty-five minutes you knew you had a great workout. So thank you Crystal.

Nicole M. was ill today and did very little hands on explanation of the exercises. We had our usual brutal Thursday early evening class. I was humbled by Jocelyn the pregnant young woman. She with her large belly was able to have her heels suspended and arms locked and hands planted on the floor and keeping her belly level and was doing the supine pull through. This old man had a sagging behind, and never could raise myself into a more level manner to execute the maneuver. This particular class is always tough each exercises is done longer here than in other days. Virtually we haven’t any rest between sets and I think this is my seventy years shows up. I tire more easily that the younger set, for example we do the exercise where you put one foot into the loop and then get down on your hands and remaining leg and work yourself backwards until the looped leg is up right; pull yourself up so you are standing on your hands your free leg just rests on top of the hooked leg. We are supposed to hold this for close to a minute and try and do a few pushups if we can. I know in the Tuesday class and the odd time this was done in the Saturday class I can do a few pushups and stay upright for almost all the time but not on Thursdays my muscles are fatigued and so am I overall. So my goal is to keep building on my stamina to achieve some of the time frames.

I didn’t go in this past Saturday for personal reasons. I do need to mention once more how this has impacted my golf game in several areas. One I don’t tire as easily. Two I am hitting the ball farther than before, I guessing I hitting the ball the way I was ten years ago. I have had to recalibrate all the irons, since these also are being hit further. Needless to say I’m enjoying the fringe benefits of TRX training.