We had TRX/Circuit Training Last Saturday, a few days prior to Halloween; wherein we do something with the TRX apparatus and something ungodly on the circuit. Needless to say pumpkins were involved. This is our second combination of circuit training and TRX. Here is a link to the first go around; Deluxe Circuit Training,

The link above lists all the exercises except the pumpkin involvement which I’ll describe and a few twists to the TRX exercises. I happened to be directly in front of one of the pumpkins. This particular orange orb had a small diameter and I held the plank position for ninety seconds. Heck at the beginning of class 90 seconds is a snap. The second use of the orange contrivance was the infamous Burpees. I was concerned that the gourd might collapse under the constant pummeling it received from twelve people of varying strengths and weight bearing down on the defenseless pumpkin. This pumpkin was on steroids. The last pumpkin victim was safe from me and it was my last part of the circuit. We had to get down to the flood unaided by hour arms and hands, pick up the pumpkin and stand up, repeat for about 60 seconds. I did two and decided this is going to do some damage to my body. As it turned out it did hurt someone- our instructor.

One of the TRX twist was a maneuver called the “Bootstrapper”. The best way to describe this is as follows, you are in the suspended plank position, and the movement is bringing your body into the crunch. Here it gets dicey, you go into a pike, while you are coming down you need to keep your lower body in the crunch position. I have now done this four different times and it is quite difficult to achieve perfect form. I’ll keep plugging away until I get it right.

Every five weeks we do a variation of the Twelve Days of Christmas and as always Nicole is diabolical in her enterprise of making things quite difficult.
This week the title of the session was” harried and hopeless”
Here is the routine:
1. One hanging roll-up. The TRX straps are shortened by extending the strap so it appears a dog ears. Slip your arms into the foot cradles up to the bicep and triceps region of your arm. Hang below the anchor point, pull knees to your chest and roll up. (12) reps.
2. Two handstand push- ups. (22) reps.
3. Three Serratus walks on Bosu from a suspended plank (30) reps.
4. Four triceps kickback Pistols on each side (36) reps.
5. Five single leg dual extensions (each side) with optional Bosu plank. (40) reps.
6. Six Bootstrappers (42) reps.
7. 7 Chataranga+ Up dog+ pike with optional Bosu plank. (42) reps
8. Eight Inverted hip extension each side (40) reps
9. Nine suspended Burpees each side with optional Bosu push-up (36) reps.
10. Ten sprinter starts (each side) (30) reps.
11. Eleven Plyometric Squats (22) reps.
12. Twelve pendulums each side (12) reps.

I as usual never got through the entire series, I managed one through nine and number twelve. Since your illustrious leader was hurt, she asked for volunteers for the beginner class that follow ours. Two other stalwarts and I assisted in demonstrating form to the newbies. After this lengthy workout, the steam room was beckoning me, and I lounged cocooned in a fog of steam for about fifteen minutes.