Today was a nice to day to cycle down to the Y, not too cool and not too warm nevertheless I arrived sweating not so much from exertion but having the incorrect combination of clothing. I changed and got upstairs about ten minutes early for the TRX Express Saturday special. The other classes, all run forty-five minutes this one runs only thirty minutes. Our instructor has a beginner class immediately before ours and in all fairness to her body she needs a break. Tricep

A lady I met in the hot tub last week was there with her daughter, so that was nice to have new people there because of my enthusiasm. I hope they return to reap the benefits of TRX.

We always start with three warm up exercises, each one brings different muscles groups into play with one constant and that is your core set of muscles are always engaged in varying degrees of difficulty whether it’s in warm-ups or the exercises. The conditioning of our body with these three elements takes about five or six minutes. We start with our straps at about a thirty degree angle, with a long back, meaning, as we squat, our behinds are sticking out the back end. The next one is one of my favorites for two reasons; (a) Its fun to do and its easy; (b) this is an easy way to facilitate more rotational movement in the golf swing. We step forward in to a slight lunge on the left foot and as we do the lunge; the object of the exercise isn’t taking a deep lunge, but enough of a stretch to make your flexors more pliable. Anyway as you lunge forward, your arms extended in front and above level are swung across your body to the left rotating your upper torso, back into standing position and repeat after a minute or two still in the same lunge position, we swing our arms to the right without stopping and after a few minutes we switch the lunge position from the left foot to the right and repeat the exercise all without stopping- one fluid movement.

The last warm-up is not only great for golf but any rotational sport. Knees slightly flexed in athletic position, you lower your body, not in a squat just lower and then you swing rhythmically, from lower to higher, keeping the straps taunt, just like a golf swing , we go to the right first and then to the left. This is a wonderful way to complete the warm-up of the body.

I didn’t it know this until we started doing the core exercises that I must be getting stronger. I’ve never been able to complete every set in this exercise I’m going to verbally illustrate and show in some downloaded photos. This workout really stresses the shoulder muscles and your core power. Feet in the hoops, roll over onto your stomach. Get on your knees, then onto your hands so you are lying flat and extended and suspended. The first thing you do is a crunch, bringing your knees up to your chest, re-extend yourself but this time you crunch and twist your lower body to the left, re-extend, then to the right and back to the center. Repeat for about forty seconds. I did it without a rest.

Another core test is feet still in the hoops, lying on your stomach and knees and thighs at a ninety degree angle. You can place your hands at the side of your body for more stability, or do what I do, arms full extended above me. You bring your pelvis and in my case my fat gut upward toward the ceiling. I’m thinking we hold this position for ten or fifteen seconds before we lower ourselves to the floor for a moment the repeat. I feel we do these long uplifts about ten times and then they become progressively shorter and quicker.

Another exercise in the bicep curl and here is a photo of this. The key to this is keeping your elbows high and bringing the straps at the completion next to your ears.

Well that is all for today, I need to rest my body for golf tomorrow. More on TRX next Tuesday.