Today was one of those days where I really didn’t want to take the TRX class. I had to get up this morning at 3:45 Am and take a friend to the airport. I was just tired, but I also know I have never gone to the gym feeling this way and not feel better for working out. Walking down this morning the air was cold and clouds scudded by threatening to rain.

Last week the class had three people and when I arrived seven minutes before class the room was almost full. Many of the folks who were there never attended a beginner’s class and consequently three dropped out during the class. Nicole L (the Tuesday instructor) had us working on the core quite a bit. I knew we were working hard at one time my heart rate got up to 141 BPM. Normally it’s around 130-133. One of the exercises is three parts, difficult, medium and easy. We start off in the hard position, where we are suspended almost directly under the straps our backs horizontal and we do six pull ups utilizing our core muscles, then we move into an angled position and do another six pull ups I’m guessing I was at about a forty-five degree angle, then we again move up to almost a slight lean backward and do six more, then reverse the procedure, after a couple of sets you feel the burn.

The week past we learned what appears easy but is more difficult than it looks. You grip the padded handles raise one leg behind you and the upper body is lowered until your extended leg and back are on one plane. I had trouble last week keeping my balance and was much better this week being in balance and having my hips square.

Some of the other exercises we did today were, triceps curls, biceps curls, several variations of lunges, including spreading our arms out and back. Atomic crunches are when your feet are in the loops, you take the pushup position and do the following, lower yourself as you would in a normal pushup once you get back into the horizontal position, you swing your legs up under your chest, this exercise goes on for about forty seconds.

I hope by next week I’ll have all the proper names and use them in my descriptions. Calorie wise I burned 448 in forty –two minutes. Today’s class was great and yes I did feel better when I left the Y.