Today is August the third and I have been back at TRX now for two full weeks. I must confess the time off left me so far behind my classmate regulars and there are a few exercises I won’t try just yet, perhaps in another month. The two exercises are the Burpee and the suspended hand stand. The burpee is as follows. One leg is suspended, you drop to the floor do a one legged push-up and then hop up and repeat, in my classes this done anywhere from forty seconds per side to one minute per side and at least on repetition. I did try the exercise and after two attempts I felt a little pain where my back was injured so I used my brains as opposed to my macho attitude and stopped. The one legged hand stand I’m actually afraid of trying presently, and here is why. One leg is suspended and you are in a plank position, you walk yourself backwards on your hands and one leg as the TRX reaches its limit you end up in a vertical position. Once in this position you attempt doing push-ups or stay stationary for the duration of the exercise. I’m afraid if the rhomboid fails, I’ll come crashing down and perhaps break my neck. I’m sure in time I’ll be doing both once more.

Today was an almost full class with several new faces, one person left within six minutes due to the severity of the pace and the exercises themselves. My heart rate is starting to come down from the peaks I’ve experienced since my return today was only 204 and I’m sure it was just a spike, however when I first returned the spikes were in the 225 range and once even higher. I know this is only a spike, I don’t think anyone my age could sustain that level for more than a moment so I’m not concerned.

Our warm-up is rather interesting and I think quite nice, the first thing we do is have the suspended straps about waist high in front of us and then we lean forward and lift one leg behind us into the horizontal position and then the other, this gives your legs, gluts’ and core a nice warm-up. From there we did squats and lunges. By the time these are completed I feel adequately warmed up.

We did the following in know particular order because I forget, except I know we did the upper body first. Biceps curls, triceps pulls, flying Y’s and T’s and lunges.
The lower body included Atomic crunches with push-ups; a new exercise at least to me was our heels are in the loops and arms extended behind our heads. We lift our bodies up into a V and try to touch our toes. The plank reared its ugly head but for the first time since my return I felt far more stable and my body was waving around but still and tight. While the class did the pushup sequentially, head, shoulders, one vertebra at a time. I got on my knees the straps in front of me and slowly and in control rolled forward and then returned to the original spot and repeated until the time was done. We also did one of my other favorites lying flat on your back heels in the loops, legs bent at ninety degrees, hand above the chest, raise your body up but don’t let it touch the floor repeat until all forty seconds are used up.

The cool down was just that, leg stretches on both sides, gripping the handles lower yourself into a C position and hold the stretch and lastly the crossed leg squat.