This past Saturday we did the three hundred reps, that would be one hundred of the following; pushups, lunges and squats. However the beauty of TRX is the versatility of the program. We just didn’t do the prosaic old fashion way of doing the above mentioned exercises; oh no ours were done with great difficulty and I’ll tell you how and what we did to accomplish this task.

After our ritual warm-up we did five lunges and five pushups on each side. The lunge is done with the trailing leg off the floor. We did this five times. Afterwards we each got a Bosu ball, for those not familiar with this ball, imagine if you will a half ball filled with air and strong enough to hold a man or woman connected to a flat surface. Here is a link to their site Bosu Ball Next we did a combination of Burpee’s and pushup with a twist, the Bosu ball was inverted and we had a choice of using the floor or the ball. I opted for half and half on the right is a person doing a Burpee.

Utilizing the Bosu Ball was far more difficult than the floor because you needed a very active and strong core to stabilize you upper body on the half ball while you did the exercise. After that we did a set of deep squats , I’m thinking about twenty-five. Before we moved onto the next set of exercises.

Our instructor is a former dancer and she employs some elements of dance in our sessions. So far she hasn’t got us into Tutus. I know there are five positions of a Plie and I freely admit I haven’t a clue which one I’m describing or in fact what we do is an actual move or a modification of the dance move. Gosh I sound like a Politian covering my behind and double talking. Our exercise, no doubt is a modification, we start by standing upright, our toes and feet splayed outward and then we squat. I feel the tension on the inside of my thighs and down near the knees. What I’m going to tell you now is all in this position unless noted we have yet to stand upright. First we hold onto the TRX and lean forward making sure our backs are flat again utilizing our strong core muscles and return to an upright position. This we do several times. Next still in this squat we tap our right foot about twenty times and then the left. Next we lift our right heel and repeat on the other side. Then we raise our heels off the floor again about twenty times. It may be more or less, by this time I’m hallucinating because of the pain and strain.

Our next challenge was one legged squats again on both sides while holding the TRX straps with a light touch. We are working the legs to the maximum at least for this old man’s legs.

The next set of exercises we turn the Bosu ball over so the ball is upright on its platform. With our TRX straps in hand we commence doing more lunges all the while trying to maintain balance on the ball. I personally found this at times difficult only terms of balance. I forget how many reps we did for the total for lunges. To finish off the pushups we did a one legged handstand and from this position we did pushups. I managed twelve on one side and seven on the other side.

I think this next series is a modified dance move. We stand tall extend one leg as far to the side as possible, rotate the left behind you in a quasi-lunge squat. On the move back you elevate yourself onto your toes and bring the leg back from behind your back. We did fifteen of these on each side as I recall.

After the last exercise we do some stretching and usually its over for the day. Saturday was different, the past Monday she introduced a quantum leap in difficulty on base exercise that many moves can be done from. It requires two spotters for the exerciseee (is there such a word?)- -not! The straps are lowered, you place your feet in one set and hands in the other. You are now completely elevated. Now you can if you can lift yourself, do pushups, pikes, mountain climbers and crunches up the center and on either side. I couldn’t find a photo but will ask the instructor if she has one. Well I managed the feat but I’m not sure how well it was executed. I do know my shoulders and lats were sore for two days.