August 7 2010

I’m sure the title doesn’t leave much to the imagination other than what twisted demonic set of exercises would be thrust upon us this early Saturday morning. We have one hour of non stop exercise. The woman in our class don’t glisten they sweat just like us men. So what did the demonic Nichole think up? Well it isn’t the exercises per se it is the method of execution. The sheet I have before me tells all including the title. There are twelve exercises. “The workout is to be preformed in the manner of the “12 days of Christmas”. You will perform one repetition of the first exercise. Then perform two repetitions of the second exercise followed by one of the first. Then three of the third followed by two of the second and one of the first……etc…..etc…..etc”

So with no further comment I present the workout that caused me to burn off 600 calories. YIKES!!!!

1. One Atomic Push-up with three way crunch plus pike.

2. Two Daredevil: rooftop to rooftop (each side)

3. Three Supine Pull Troughs

4. Four Handstand Push-ups

5. Five Suspended Burpees (each side)

6. Six Power Pulls (each side)

7. Seven Neo Rws (each Side)

8. Eight Cest Presses

9. Nine High Rows

10. Ten Sprinter Starts

11. Eleven Wolverine Lunges

12. Twelve Single Leg Romanian Dead lift to Single Leg Iron Man Squat (each side)

I think that Rupert and Nichole are out to get me. Kidding aside the workout was tremendous and I’m happy to report I did about ninety-five percent of the exercises. The Burpee’s were killers and I missed a few.