Seniors aren’t immune to learning new things just like old dogs we can be taught. So the other day I learned a new word. Say the word TABATA, what does this conjure up in your mind; a dance step to some seductive routine? Perhaps a new tribe recently found in the densest jungles; or a Japanese Samurai Warrior? Actually all these are incorrect, but the last one is the closest. The Tabata Protocol is the fiercest workout I’ve ever encountered. A gentleman, Mr. Izumi Tabata invented the Tabata Protocol. The idea behind this is quite simple in its elegance. There are many ways to achieve the objectives of the Protocol. Obviously I’m going to give credence to this in association with TRX.
The synopsis is as follows.
1. A five-minute warm up. Nicole M has a set routine that we follow which includes double leg squats. A moderate lunge as you go forward you turn your upper body to the left and the left leg is the one going forward, after period of time we switch to the right side while still using the left leg going forward. We then change legs and do the same exercise on the right side of our bodies. Lastly we take a slight bend in the legs and swing the TRX and our arms up over our right shoulder making the turn of our head over are shoulder as if we are swinging a golf driver. After a period of time we do the left side and that is our warm up. We utilized our legs, core, upper body, arms. Now we are ready.
2. The Tabata Protocol consists of 20 seconds at your maximum pace followed by a 10 second rest. The exercise is repeated 8 times in a span of 4 minutes. So summarizing it looks like this. Tabata Protocol= 20-seconds+10 seconds of rest X 8 repetitions for a total of 4 minutes.
3. Here is what we did on Monday everything unless stated is the Tabata Protocol.
4. TRX Chest Press
5. TRX Sprinter starts left leg

6. TRX high rows
7. TRX plyometric squats
8. We now do a core interval as a rest. 15 resisted roll-ups and 15 spider man crunches.
9. Back to the Tabata Protocol: Hamstring curls
10. TRX biceps curls
11. TRX skater leaps
12. TRX Sprinter starts right leg.
13. Cool down and stretch.

The next time I’m going to wear my heart monitor not so much that I’m afraid I’ll keel over and die, but the idea of this form of exercise is creating enough energy that you use up most of your oxygen. Tabata Protocol increases your aerobic and Anaerobic systems at the same time. the benefits to your body are as follows, increase lung capacity continue burning fat long afterward you have done the exercises. The only exercise I’ve ever done that comes close this is, believe it or not is Underwater Hockey but that is a story for another time.