I have spoken often of the tremendous virtues of TRX and its flexibility to be totally TRX or combined with other forms of exercise. Keely our cute vivacious Thursday instructor tried something different with our group yesterday. Although I felt the duration of many exercises were excessively long it was probably because I’m an old man. Nevertheless, I had a ball trying all these different combinations of aerobics, weight, balance balls and stretching surgical tubing. I will try to explain everything we did in a jam-packed forty-five minute workout.

I chose a blue ball which is fairly large, blue tubing and two eight pound weights. We were given the choice of 3,5, or 8 pound weights and various sized balls and different color tubing blue, most difficult to stretch, red middle difficulty and green being easiest.

We did some innovative exercises that were quite novel, for example, with a partner our surgical tubing was looped around each other. Siting to erect on the floor, legs extended,tubing taut, we commenced slowly drawing the stretched elastic back and forth in a sawing motion, working out our upper body. Furthermore, our partner turned in the opposite direction, tubing very tight we would do a push-up then extend one arm forward balancing on three points. I confess I screwed up doing my extension incorrectly until Keely showed me the errors of my method.

Utilizing the ball was also fun, and I have done these before, nevertheless, mixing weights and TRX was an intriguing new way to greater_ fitness. Sitting on the ball, dumbbells were lifted up and down for about a minute. One other ball exercise was balancing our upper body on the ball and drawing the weights outward and back, known as chest fly’s. One integrated exercise that I thought was terrific was having TRX in single handle mode. The orthodox method is a single-handed low row, as your body is going up you turn toward TRX straps, stretching the arm upwards. This time we did the same thing carrying our weight in the free hand. This is one terrific core exercise.

Keely in the past few weeks has included some aerobic exercises, such as suicide sprints, running sideways, jumping up and down making sure we have a well-rounded workout. Several of these were incorporated into todays workout.

Using only the TRX chest press being low as possible and still maintain momentum for one full minute. We commenced doing some more TRX by doing a squat, exploding out of this position into our arms extended overhead and side to side. After this we did lunges with a small squat. If this wasn’t enough squatting, we did a squat and a hop while extending our arms over the head, very tiring.

We again went to the floor, legs in the stirrups. Keely had us do pikes for one minute, then the pendulum also for sixty seconds. The pendulum is swinging your body from side to side with a pause on each swing; a killer for the core. The following exercise was all allegedly for one minute. I admit it almost killed me. Anyway here they are Atomic crunches that are a push up and bringing the knees to the chest. The next exercise was the knees to the chest with a pike. Side to side with knees to the chest and lastly the exercise I have great difficulty with the famous Burpee. I dragged my tired old body out of the studio, realizing although I didn’t do all that was asked, many people younger than me didn’t either. I showered quickly and on the way home the endorphins kicked in, so I was a happy man in the end.