If you are into fitness you want to be challenged. I’ve been lucky that the three instructors I have each have strengths that bode well for me. Keely’s workouts are fast paced and she enjoys thinking outside the box for innovative ways to incorporate TRX with aerobics. This past Thursday (9/29/11) was an exceptional example. I must for the sake of clarity and full disclosure state any leaping, jumping and taking great rapid strides, I didn’t do, I hopped rather than leapt, my jumps were mere elevations of perhaps four inches and the running was more like a languorous lope. Both of my knees were operated upon many years ago to repair and remove some of my meniscus and over the years my knees are starting to hurt more frequently with certain exercises. The mind was willing but the body isn’t anymore and I have to respect this as part of the aging process.

We did a few warm-up drills and then we were told to run down the stairs and up in the following manner; single steps up and down, single steps down double coming back up, single steps down and triple steps coming up. Once back in the studio we assembled against the mirrors and bear walked across to the other side and here did jumping jacks. I’ve been told a bear walk is hands on the floor back reasonably flat and legs somewhat splayed. We did this twice and then we were told to enter the main gym that has several basketball courts and here we were to execute suicide sprints, baseline to free-throw line, back to baseline and up center court and back to the base line then to the furthest free-throw line and back then baseline to baseline. Once we all arrived upstairs we were informed that we had our choice of core exercise to implement. Basically we chose how to torture ourselves, my first choice was the side plank and after the 40 seconds on each side, more running but in the studio. Again we chose and other core exercise and this time I chose atomic push-ups with a crunch. Keely is a sick girl, now she had up against the mirrors and we had to walk and do a pike, so visualize 12 people on their hands and looking like they are about to do some push-ups as we moved forward our legs got closer to our bodies until we were in a pike position, I felt like an old worn out slinky toy or more accurately a worn out articulated bus. Nevertheless I persevered. The last core exercise for me was lying supine,, holding the TRX straps in my hands while my legs were elevated and at a thirty degree angle, from this position, I crossed them and uncrossed them, alternating each leg on top. Actually I’ve forgotten the last exercise that she chose but for my last official core exercise was again my feet were elevated and at about 30 degrees, both legs went to the right, keeping the hips and shoulders affixed to the floor and repeated this on the other side until the 40 seconds were consumed. The workout was a killer, I didn’t feel all that well when I went to the gym but I was energized when I left.