Every five weeks, Nicole has her twelve days of Christmas accumulated exercises; they always come with an ominous title as above. If you are new to this blog we are tasked with 12 exercis-es that make people with a passing fancy wither and run away quickly. Our core group the husband and wife team of Heather and Tom, Tyson, Amy, Greg, Danette, Summer and now that Carrie is back in school her also and me. We do have some folks who come out and I arbitrarily haven’t included them just yet since they haven’t been doing Saturdays that long. Ordinarily Nicole partakes of the torture along with us, however today she wasn’t feeling well. I suppose everything occurs for a reason, although we core group are “experts” even experts need another set of eyes. One of the exercises was hurting me physically; I’m not talking about fatigue that is always the goal on Saturday. I’ll elaborate when we get to the exercise. How this works is we do one of the first exercise and two of the next and back to one, okay so now that you know the routine I’ll list the exercise give a description and in brackets I list the number of times we do each exercise.

One Walking Handstand
Our TRX is in the single handed mode, one foot is in the foot cradle the other is free and you walk away from the anchor point, one leg and both hands until you are in a vertical position, standing on your hands. Here are two keys, one Nicole taught and the other figured out on my own. When in this position, make sure your shoulders are back and not near your ears, back allows the big muscles to take some of the strain off your arms and hands that comes from Nicole. The other key is to keep your head down, looking up or lifting your head takes a lot of ef-fort. Once vertical, you commence walking back to the anchor point until you are in a plank position. (12 repetitions)

Two Serratus walks on Bosu from a suspended plank
This is a brand new exercise to all of us, the bosu ball is just in front of our head, and we move forward, hand stepping onto the ball. Once there we lower our self onto our forearms, back in-to plank position and get off and repeat. (22 repetitions)

Three star matrix with Ronde De Jame oL’air en Releve (each side)
This exercise translates into the following. Single handed mode with one leg in the foot cradle, move the leg forward and elevated so you are in fact making a one legged lunge. Bring the leg to the side and back. Once the leg is on your back end, stand on your toes and bring the leg forward in a controlled manner and repeat. (30 repetitions)

Four split atomic push-ups (each side)
Lower the TRX straps, place one foot one cradle and the other strap to the opposing hand. Your free foot is held next to the tethered leg. You lower your hand in the bracket, while stabilizing yourself with the other hand. When you bring yourself up do a crunch, repeat (36 repetitions on each side)

Five reverse flys to a Y
This is the easiest part of the program, start in an angular position about 45 degrees, come vertical, keeping the straps taut swing your arms into the Y position (40 repetitions)

Six double sided Triceps (each side)
Imagine you are looking into a mirror and the TRX apparatus is directly behind you, and you are holding the hand grips in front of you. Extend your left hand until it’s at shoulder height, shuffle to the left until the straps is taut. You might have to make some minor adjustments because the right hand should be relaxed and just resting on your right hip and stomach. Now you are ready for the exercise: as you lean to the left your forearm comes to your ear and the right hand move up next to our chin on the left side. Do this six times and then rearrange yourself for the other side and repeat. (42 repetitions each side)

Seven single leg duel extensions w/optional bosu plank (42 repetitions each side)
This is a tough one also, lots of core engaged. One leg in the sling, you bring this leg forward as in a crunch as it goes back the other leg upward.

Eight oblique steam engines (each side)
This is one of my favorites, take the side plank position, free hand can be on your head and you pull your legs up and your head down toward your knees. (40 repetitions)

Nine Chataranga + Up dog + pike and optional bosu ball plank
This is the exercise that I got hurt… Here is how it is done. The Chataranga portion is legs in the TRX harness, you do a push-up, as you rise you start arching your back, so when your arms are extended the back is arched, from there you come back to plank and then into a pike. What I did incorrectly was on the Chataranga portion; I got up and then put excess strain on my back trying to make the arch after the fact. I’m glad Nicole saw this because this was the first time I felt pain the wrong way during an exercise. I did five from the floor and four on the bosu ball. (36 repetitions)

Ten inverted hip extensions (each side)
You get yourself into the one legged handstand from this vertical position the free leg is ex-tended backward and then forward. (30 repetitions each side)

Eleven suspended lunges on the bosu ball (each side)
This is straight toward other than the fact you have to balance yourself while executing the lunge. I managed to do one side on the ball but not the other side. (22 repetitions each side)

Twelve resurrection curls
This after all the work done before and you are ready to die from exhaustion the resurrection curls either do you in or survive to fight another day. It is a bicep curl, except you are almost supine when you try this. (12 repetitions)

The class is one hour long; during this time frame to my knowledge nobody completed the entire task. I did nine complete cycles. I was running out of time so I did the following three right away and did the lunges once more sans the bosu ball. No doubt Niccole will have five weeks to dream up one more grueling hour building strength.