When I designed this site my intention was solely to concentrate on seniors and how much we can still accomplish despite our ages. I’m going to digress from that today and after you read the short story I’d like to think you will agree with my decision.

I have spoken at length about my TRX classes and how difficult some of the exercises are to complete. I also have stated how difficult the Thursday class is on more than one occasion. None of that has changed in fact yesterday most the exercises were for the core. I wish both Nicole’s knew what the other is doing, because that is what we did on Tuesday. Nevertheless, Thursday’s classes are in part more difficult because there is a consistency of participants. The majority of folks attending the class are here week after week and that makes Nicole’s job I’d like to think more fun. She can introduce more advanced techniques to the class and probably laughing at my bumbling efforts.

There is a young woman who has the TRX next to mine; she still has the bloom of youth in her face and spirit. I also think she is cute and very, very pregnant. She is in her seventh month and her belly is getting delightfully larger so much so that it gets in her way. So how does she do TRX you ask? The beauty of this system is its versatility. One of the exercises that I can’t do nor she because of her belly, is holding onto the handles of the suspended TRX straps, and you proceed to do a sit up, not the macho way I was taught, rather this slow methodical manner, of raising your head, then chest, contracting your abdominals pushing down onto the straps and coming to the upright position. I have tried at every session to accomplish this and I’m an abject failure. However, I glanced over at Jocelyn (pregnant woman), she was on her knees holding the lowered straps and swinging under control forward and coming back to upright and you have to use your core muscles. I joined her doing the exercise telling her she needed another fat person to keep her company. The benefit of doing the modification is we both got to use our core muscles to keep us from falling onto our faces.

I’ve watched this young woman view her pregnancy not as an impediment toward being physically active which is probably more important for her than me. Know doubt when the baby boy arrives, his mom’s muscles will be strong, elastic and give her baby safe passage into the frenzy world we all inhabit and she will have an easier time with the birthing of the baby. I admire her for taking a very complex set of exercises and with Nicole’s assistance modified the exercises where she can help herself feel physically fit, it’s a work ethic the other young mom’s to be should emulate. Good for you Jocelyn!