A few months ago I started to receive valuable information from the lady who’s in charge of group exercise within the three Y’s where I live. She signs off off her emails with the word “blessings”. The first time I saw this I thought it was an ancient way of sealing a letter and these days more and more as email. The more I thought about this it occurred to me that yours truly or sincerely yours although nice sentiments didn’t resonate as the simple word blessings. The Y here is the YMCA so at first metaphorical glance it must have a Christian connection that revolves around Christ, on the other hand it could very easily come from Judaism, meaning perhaps “May God watch over you”. Either way, I found comfort in the fact that someone would care enough to bestow a “blessing” upon me. Today I witnessed some of my blessing first hand and I was humbled and thankful.

Part of my indoctrination into the Y and the elderly in particular is to assist a “Wellness coach” with senior activities and today was the first day. I participated in three classes all geared to people beyond fifty-five. Vicki is the wellness coach and instructor for all three and each one was a blessing.

The first one had about fifty people involved and here was my first blessing. This great group of folks for the most part isn’t in very good physical condition I’m not being judgmental just factual. Overall the pace is quite slow and the exercises soft but that statement is from a man who does quite intense training trying to keep up with people young enough to be my children. This group was kept busy, walking, dancing, bending turning so in the end they and me got a full body workout. I think much of what was happening was social mixed in with the class. We took our pulse near the end of class, my registered 62. So my “blessing” is being in great physical condition that I don’t need this type of class for me and so I’m blessed.

The second class had some of the same people involved. This time everyone was seated and most of the exercises were from a seated position. Again, I’m able to stand and not be hindered by anything physically. Here is another blessing the ability to engage in a high level of exercise.

The last class is Cardio Rehab; this small contingent all had some malady of the heart. The first thing that happened is everyone had their blood pressure taken, we then went upstairs where we did a few light exercises before the group on their own did some cardio before coming back into the studio for some weight bearing strengthening exercises. We used a weighted pole for the exercises. I had never used one of these before but it was fun to use. I looked around the class and another blessing was evident. I’m of an age of some of the people present; I have a strong heart that beats with authority and hopefully for a long time.

Vicki is this great vivacious woman who makes all three classes exciting, whooping it up, creating urgency without diminishing anyone’s progress. Often in all three classes she stressed if you are out of breath or tired or the pace is too quick, adjust your pace accordingly. I spoke at length with two individuals who love taking the classes and I’m happy they are up and doing things physical. I was introduced as the man who will teach TRX to seniors. And that was my last blessing having the ability at my age to teach physical fitness.