The fire back last September really did throw me off my schedule physically and emotionally. Well I with am pleased to say I’m back to writing again and would like to continue about my odyssey Total body Resistance Exercise. Its official I am the oldest person at the central Y engaged in this program full time.
I attend three classes a week and deal with three different styles of training. Tuesday mornings in my estimation are the easiest day for me. That said just last week our trainer introduced some newer exercises into our program. Some of these are used in the other classes which are more taxing and more fun. This class is also conducted at a slower pace, probably due to the influx of new people coming and going. Our instructor is a hands on individual who is engaged in doing all the exercises with the class.

Thursday is a fast paced almost non- stop forty-five minutes of exercises. Our instructor has few newcomers to TRX; therefore she can spend her time encouraging folks and making sure people have good form. Some people would say how important form is? Let me give you two examples of why form is so important.
• When engaged in lunges, if you allow your knee to go past your foot you risk doing damage to your ligaments. In my case, the meniscus is missing in both knees and I would risk severe damage and pain rubbing bone on bone.
• The core to the entire premise of TRX (no pun intended) is your core is engaged all the time. Imagine if you will you are holding the straps in front of your body and you also are back somewhere between thirty and forty five degrees. When you pull yourself up into a standing position if your core isn’t engaged, your back arches and you could hurt your lower and upper back. So form is very important and when executed properly it is easier than doing it the incorrect way.
I just found my Polar heart monitor in one of the 280 boxes of my belongings that I received last month after I moved into my new place. I’m interested in how fast my heart races at peak and how many calories I expend in this class and the other two. I’m wondering how much variance there will be between Tuesday and Thursday.

If you thought that the above statements were intended to be harsh in terms of endurance, let me say unequivocally by comparison to Saturday it’s a walk in the park. Make no mistake; our Saturday group is dedicated aficionados of TRX. We have one full hour of exercises. Every five weeks we have the “12 days of Christmas” killer set of exercises. Twelve exercises repeated so you end up doing three hundred and sixty-four repetitions in one hour. This past week was my best outing. I did ten complete sets and then did the last two exercises because I was running out of time. I’m not sure how many people actually fulfill all twelve exercises as listed. We do this on our own time. I am physically drained; my arms and leg feel rubbery. My mat looks like it had a bath and the floor nearby the mat also has small puddles of my sweat and for two days I’m sore mostly in my upper back. I still think the injury I received last April is still lingering. I know I’m in great shape because the next day I went for a five mile walk off the plateau of Five Mile Prairie into town and back up the hills and never felt tired or sore other than my upper back. What I have learned about this program is how quickly you build up endurance and strength also flexibility. I also have far more energy that any man my age should have (just kidding) I revel in the fact I can push my body and mind and always feel better leaving the gym than when I entered. Our instructor is also doing these exercises and she also sweated and grunted along with the rest of the class.

I mentioned at the outset I’m the eldest person involved in this incredible program. I see a lady occasionally and she is a very young seventy. Two men participate in the Saturday class with me and I think these men are in their sixties or late fifties. Another lady is sixty-seven and is gung ho. Sure there are a lot of much younger people in these classes and that is okay. Speaking for myself, watching them inspires me to be better. I can’t turn back the clock, nor would I want to. I like being where I am in life age wise. What I can control to some extent is my longevity by keeping my heart strong and muscular, my mind sharp by engaging in stimulating endeavors both mentally and physically. I also know that when I’m active I hurt less from my adventurous and sometimes hurtful physical past and I think that is one of the best benefits of being active.

I haven’t listed the exercises we did recently but will in future when I get a good photo of some of the newer exercise. Anyone can participate in these exercises. If you have an infirmity please tell your instructor before you start. Most if not all exercise has an easier way of doing them. I have never before participated in a group setting at the gym, but this is fun. Try it!

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