Two weeks with Nicole’s guidance we decided that I would come three days a week. Due to the schedule set up at the Y, when I went twice a week I only got to workout in the gym once a week and that really didn’t do anything for me. According to the instructor, you don’t do strength conditioning before or after the TRX class. Before will probably make you too sore an unable to do the exercises and afterwards you will be too tired and your body needs to recover. My schedule now is Tuesday morning and that unit is moderately difficult. Interestingly this instructor is also named Nicole. Her methods although similar, she does teach some exercises that the other Nicole hasn’t taught us yet. Thursday early evening in a word is, brutal. Saturday depending upon the class it ranges with all three categories.

Tuesday I have a couple of favorites. The first is near the beginning and if you can imagine holding onto the straps, your legs, bent at ninety degrees and your body is horizontal, you end up doing pushups in reverse. The other one is at the very end. You extend the straps so they are at forty-five degrees, slowly squat while crossing on leg across the knee of the other leg, this stretch is wonderful for me since I have a little arthritis on my left side.

Thursday why I think it’s brutal and it really isn’t a complaint otherwise I just would stop going. My perception is the pace is quicker; the exercises are generally at least forty seconds. We did two new ones the other day. The first was a modification of one we did before. So here is the description, the straps in single mode and are about one foot off the floor, you insert one foot, turn on your side and raise yourself on your forearm and then place your other foot atop the other, you will need every bit of your core to support you in this endeavor, the added difficulty is while suspended you gently and always in control, lower you hips for a few seconds and return them to the original position this goes on for seemingly an eternity but isn’t. I can tell you this if I tired this maneuver a month or so ago it would never occurred.

The second exercise was completely new, again the straps are about a foot off the floor, however this time, you insert your heels into the loops below the padded handles, so far it’s a piece of cake. Here now comes the killer core exercise. Your legs are extended, arms hanging straight from your shoulders you rise up so your legs are perpendicular to the floor. While suspended, you lower your bum but not to the floor and bring it back to the original location, then you move your body forward and back and repeat. Like I said BRUTAL.

Today is Sunday and I need to let my body recover between the TRX, cycling outside and playing golf, I’m one tired old man. However I’m looking forward to Tuesday. I hope to have one of these days a photo of the Supine Pull Through.