I have cancer, when you say it fast it isn’t so frightful. However, the reality foreshadows much of my thinking these days. The cancer I have is Melanoma and not the best type of disease for an outdoors man. I’ve taken a very aggressive stance regarding any future dealings with this disease, the only concession I’ll make to doctors of all stripes is the option of surgery. I’ll not go through Chemo therapy where they fill you with poison, nor will I go for radiation therapy. My position is quite clear in my mind. I’d rather have a few less years and die with dignity than go through the traumas of the above-mentioned treatments to gain only a marginal amount of time that I would feel good.
I use sunscreen number fifty and during the warmer months, I wear wide-brimmed hats, I haven’t determined if I should cover-up completely, I prefer not especially in the high heat of summer.
Yesterday I had my first six-month visit with the dermatologist. The examination is from top to bottom. The doctor found one non- cancerous lesion on my head and one either squamous or Basel cell cancer on my back. I can’t see back there, but it feels nearby where the malignant cancer was located. I made myself a promise not to dwell on this disease instead live my life fully and do the activities that make me feel good and happy. The statement is harder to adhere to, sometimes my thoughts seem to camp in the area of my mortality more and more. I’m not sure it’s because of the cancer or the fact I’m getting older. My observation is probably a smattering of both causes my mind to wander in that direction.
The prognosis is great an eighty-five percent chance to live another five years. I’ll be very close to eighty then, seventy eight. In the meantime, I want to continue with my two sites this one and TRX For All People finish the novel I’m writing. I want to travel more and play golf, ski, and continue with my involvement with the local YMCA.