time these for summer weeks. I was in a barbecue cook off down in Moscow Idaho came in second but had a blast. Here is a photo of my rib-eye steak with compound butter and blue cheese.

rib-eye steak with butter/blue cheese

Rib-eye steak at a barbecue contest. I came in second. Presentation plate included, grilled baby/bok choy and A compound of unsalted butter and blue cheese.

I did my steak using charcoal. I much prefer briquettes, and some wood for smoking foods and of course grilling delights. The other night, I cut up a portion of a large zucchini, and crook neck squash, onion and small tomatoes, tossed it all in some olive oil and kosher salt and powdered garlic, delicious. The vegetables become sweeter, and some grilled marks. I used a mix of charcoal and mesquite wood soaked in water for an hour; giving the pork chops and vegetables a smoky wood flavor. My favorite food during this time of the year is slow smoking spare ribs. I generally make half with a sauce, and the other half with a dry rub. Here is another photo of these succulent ribs.
Blackberry infused ribs on half the other half is a dry rub.

Smoked Pork spareribs half are baby back ribs and the other half is St Louis style.

My young puppy

continues to amaze me.

Age one year

Beau resting in the forest

The other day he had boundless energy and climbed these steep pathways that deer has made over the years. He scared me by climbing a good fifty feet above the pathway. He disappeared for about six minutes and sure footed; he raced down the hill leaped onto the newly paved pathway and ran up another hill. This went on for more than twenty minutes. The only time he slowed down was for water. I got exhausted just watching him thinking he is a mountain cougar rather than a very small dog.


If you are a senior like me, you may have grandchildren entering their sophomore, junior or senior year of college or university. I have written a cookbook, specifically for university students. Here is a link, to the web site and order form. The book has 70 recipes, and most of them can be made less than thirty minutes. The book is only $19.95 plus shipping.


is one of my passions. The smell of bread baking is a wonderful aroma. I do it for my pleasure and a few friends get some of the baked goods. Here is a White Bread with a Butter glaze. I took out the refined sugar and replaced it with honey.This bread stayed moist and fresh for days, IMG_baked white bread

I’m originally from back east; Toronto to be exact and I miss the Jewish Onion buns after trying a several different recipes I believe I came up with a winning (for me) recipe. I shared some of these buns with a few friends and we all agree these are the very best buns. I have used them for hamburgers, for Lox and cream cheese and just plain unsalted butter.Wonderful texture and smell.

I was online two weeks ago looking for any unusual recipes for nectarines. Well to my delight there was a recipe, that combined two of my favorite summer fruits, the aforementioned nectarines and blueberries. I had just returned from shopping and had blueberries in my shopping bag. I try not to use refined sugar in recipes where I can substitute honey or agave syrup. I do use brown sugar but try and avoid the white stuff.

Prepping  for the crumble

Prepping fro the crumble

Poppy seed crumbleBaked nectarine& blueberry pie

If you are new to this blog, consider joining others for a free recipe every Friday in your Inbox. The recipes range from appetizers through to desserts. I endeavor to showcase seasonal recipes.
On the right side of this blog is an op tin for a recipe a week why don’t you try it? Would you like to have these recipes? Let me know in the comment section or in the opt in mailings.

I have been quite busy these past few weeks with Beau. I completed writing a novel and now doing some of the editing before my primary editor gives me her slant on the story. She is a wonderful editor with keen insights. Her opinions carry a great deal of weight on what I write.

Out of breath

Out of breath

My sidekick

the wing pup has had an amazing week with new discoveries. I get a great deal of pleasure watching his reactions to things for the first time. This past week alone, he met a White-Tail deer. Beau was tugging at his leash for me to let him chase the creature. I waited until the animal dropped down a very steep incline before I let him loose. He took off like a miniature rocket, leaping up and over very large boulders. When I caught up to him, he was running in circles, and I knew why. The deer had to jump several feet over a precipice before trotting down the hill.

Two pups learning how to socialize.  Very cute!

Two pups learning how to socialize. Very cute!

Beau probably couldn’t smell its scent from above. My good friends have some acreage on their property. Every spring they receive either two or three cows that thrive on grass and in the fall, the animals are humanly killed. Grass fed meat just taste wonderful. They (my friends) have what I call the magical garden. What they grow has yields that are so prolific that they invite folks over to pick, raspberries and blackberries. The other vegetables also are bountiful. We were walking around the shed and lo and behold two cows were on the other side of the fence. Well, my little hero just stopped for a few moments trying to understand what he was looking at. He took a few tentative steps toward the beasts; one of them moved and Beau, leaped backwards, and soon he was doing the dogie shuffle, two steps forward a leap back until he traversed the distance between the animals and the garden. I was picking blackberries. He picked a few for himself, but he was far more concerned about the cows.


would go back and check on them and give a few barks to make sure they stayed on the other side of the electrified fence. I’m sure the cows looked at this small ebony noise maker as a mere snack if they weren’t vegetarians. Beau resting after a long climb.
Do you have a story to share about your pet send it along and even better if you have a photo.

My garden

is now into its second year. I have one large plot and share a smaller garden plot that is mostly filled with herbs. Two weeks ago, I stopped buying vegetables and get them now from my garden. I got my first tomatoes yesterday. I hope to have a bumper crop, so I can capture the essence of fresh dried tomato slices in olive oil. Furthermore, I wish to make various pasta sauces with meat and without meat. The potato plants are vigorous looking, which should translate into lots of these tubers. I believe I planted seven seed potatoes of several types.
I am enjoying interacting with some of the folks which signed up for the free recipe of the week. If you haven’t yet, give it a try, there is no cost and nothing to buy. The recipes are wide ranging from appetizers, soups, salads, main courses from different countries.There is a sign up form to the right.


is officially here, there isn’t any reason a senior citizens who are able to walk, should be outside exercising. I haven’t shared much about the last year and half and my chronic aches and pains. I will tell you this; I do specific stretching exercises, to lessen the pain when I walk with my wing pup Beau. The other modification I did was, rather than trying to walk up the steep hill at the start on the walk, I have reversed the exercise where I come down the hill. The trail is an abandoned rail –right of way. The 2% grade is so gradual that I hardly notice the elevation. Where I start climbing is about a mile and half away from my home. The hill instead of walking upwards about 300 feet is now perhaps twelve feet. This works well for me and Beau. Speaking of my little dog, he will be one on Friday.Beau wing pup Riding a bike is an ideal form of exercise, you can ride slowly or push yourself just keep moving. Please make sure your seat isn’t to high. If so what happened to me could hurt you. I have a Trochanteric Bursitis inflammation in the hip area. This is very painful. Apply sunscreen, adjust your helmet, make sure your water bottle is filled with cold water. Where I live is a geographical haven for bike riders. We have miles and miles of paved trails.The mountains nearby and hills are criss-crossed with bike pathways, along lakes and rivers. If you live in larger cities many have bike lanes. Water exercises, learn how to safely use a kayak or a canoe. Being on the water away form the sounds of city noises is pleasant and you are working your body. So if you are a new young senior or an older one like me, be active. I can say with absolute certainty I have always felt better exercising regardless of any pain. By all means if you are enduring pain check with your doctor for modifications or specific stretches.
Here are a few photos of some of the dishes I have made recently.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon


Swordfish and spinach

plum cakeI’m evolving on Pinterest click here. Presently my focus is on exercise under the name TRX, food photos, mine and others and the universe.
Another link that you may find useful is for ideas for your future.

“I’m over 80. Should I not exercise?”

I was recently asked this question by a member of the YMCA as we were visiting about exercise and possibly making some changes to their personal strength training routine. If you know me at all, you probably have guessed that I said “no.”

For people between ages 65-74, only 25 percent do physical activity regularly. Many think that they are too old, will become injured and/or that at their age it just doesn’t matter any more. For the majority of this age group, the benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks.

There are many myths about working out and aging. One of the most popular is that decline as we age is inevitable, so exercise is pointless.

“Exercise is almost always good for people of any age,” said Chhanda Dutta, PhD, chief of the Clinical Gerontology Branch at the National Institute on Aging. “Training can help make you stronger, prevent bone loss, improve balance and coordination, lift your mood, boost your memory, and ease the symptoms of many chronic conditions.”

Exercise can help you physically, mentally and help you to maintain your independence as you age.

Another myth is that exercise increases your chance of falling and breaking a hip, arm or leg. In fact, working out will increase your bone density, improve your balance and actually lessen your chances of that broken bone if you do fall.

Some think that when they start a physical activity program and are over 60, that it won’t make much difference in their overall health. In other words, is it too late?

There are studies that show that even if you are in your 90s and in a nursing home that your overall health and strength will improve if you begin to exercise.

If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, it is never too late to begin an work out program, according to Dutta. Symptoms may still improve or at least remain stable if you begin an exertion program.

Some have fears that they might have a heart attack if they start to exercise and are over 65. We’ve all heard about people who had heart attacks while exercising. It can happen. However, the many health benefits of exercise far exceed the small risk.

“Being a couch potato is actually more dangerous than being physically active,” Dutta said. “That’s true for the risk of heart disease and many other conditions.”

Another common fear is that working out will hurt joints, especially if you have arthritis. One study of people over age 60 with knee arthritis found that those who were active more had less pain and better joint function.

One common complaint about exercising is that individuals of any age group feel that they don’t have time to work out. While this may be true for almost anybody, again the benefits far exceed the time it takes. One thing that many forget is that some exercise is always better than not exercising at all.

Exercise can also be done in smaller segments, such as 10-15 minutes in the morning and then another 10-15 minutes in the evening. Exercise can be done 2-4 times weekly and benefits can still be seen. It doesn’t have to be done every day. Starting slowly and increasing as you feel you can is always a good idea.

Good luck with your exercise program, even if you are over 80! If you have any doubts about your physical ability, it is always OK to ask your physician for their opinion.

Sources: Myths about Exercise and Aging; Web MD Archive.

Marcia Grant is a wellness coordinator, personal trainer and fitness instructor at the Columbus Family YMCA. This article was written in The Columbus Telegram 6/7/16

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