Rituals give our lives structure and often happiness, like going home on Thanksgiving seeing parents and loved ones. Many times our life clock is ritualized by events that we find absorbing on many levels. One of these rituals for me and many others is the true heralding of spring and that would be either going to the Masters or following the four days assiduously on TV, agonizing over missed putts or wayward shots from the tee box or fairways. I was one lucky left handed golfer in 2004 where I personally witnessed Phil Mickelson’s (lefty) first major win at the Masters. My time there, those four magical days were filled with awe and reverence to the ritual of watching the finest golfers in the world. You may ask how did I get there-ah that is the story I wish to convey.

We get connected to others in a variety of ways and sometimes the circle completes itself in unusual twists. I was returning from Boston via Phoenix my companion was asleep and on the other side of the isle the person next to the window was also asleep. The other fellow and I struck up a conversation and soon stood up and joined the stewardess in her alcove.The three of us conversed the entire trip to Phoenix. There were only six people in first class and four were asleep. I finally got around to asking the man what he did for a living. He replied, he arranges golf trips, my response was quick, I’m a golfer, and I just might utilize your services one day.

About a year later I contacted Michael Elario, he arranged a trip for my foursome. This was done with expertise and panache. When I made the decision to attend the storied event in Augusta, I naturally turned to Michael for advice and information. He expertly attended to every detail insuring I had a memory laden experience that I know will never be replicated a second time. Some things aren’t as sweet the next time. What most people don’t realize when the TV camera lazily like a sultry southern day gently shows us the fabled driveway lined with ancient live oaks into the property never happens to us the masses. This is a members and the profesional golfers only driveway. Spectators enter from another area away from the driving range and clubhouse. Nevertheless I was most fortunate being befriended by the sheriff who gave me a drive down the entrance around the fountain and back out at a funereal pace. This moment in my time will forever be etched into my memory

The firm Michael represents SGH Golf, they arange trips into the heartland of golf Scotland, Ireland and other exotic locations. Michael can be reached by phone at 602-284-6853, or by email:Email Us. I had a wonderful times working with this firm and I highly reccomend this organization.

The Bald Guy

Living Alone

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I have known Aaron for several years and this past summer we played golf almost everyweekend.  One day an older gentleman joined us, except he was much younger than me.  He didn’t rotate his body through the swing.  He just used his arms only.  I asked him if he had an injury and his reply was no injury, but mostly sedentary all his life.

     Arron told me when the gentleman was out of hearing range that he deals with this all the time and what makes me flexible is I’m always involved in some physical activity.  He also gave me a few exercises to do in addition to my regimen at the gym.  My back feels great and I’m more flexible.  I’m sure Aaron will share his secrets to a healthy back in future installments of spinal issues.

The baldguy

Bald Guy

Dear reader you might be asking yourself why would this site be named superseniorsblog.com?  I feel passionately that people of a certain age-seniors are super.  We have climbed the mountains in business, we have had our share of heartache, probably had to bury a loved one, see children get married and sometimes seen their heartache due to divorce. Undoubtedly there were hurdles to leap because we’ve learned that life isn’t linear but filled with unexpected pitfalls.  We make grand plans even go so far as writing down the idea and boom from out of nowhere another obstacle to surmount.  Many of us have grandchildren now to spoil and love unconditionally and are their very best friend; this is one of life’s greatest rewards. The mountains we need to climb now are real mountains not the hurdles of our youth rising up some corporate ladder or building a business. Most of the potholes of life now are – well potholes in the road. Many seniors are comfortably retired and many who are retired and don’t have enough money to fulfill all their dreams are still happy with their lives.  We know that money itself doesn’t guarantee a happy retired life.  Many of us know wealthy retirees that are so ill or bedridden that their dreams are diminished to perhaps just survival and we also know folks who have limited income who are happy, healthy and look forward to the next day with exuberance. If we reached this point in our lives indeed we are SUPER!  Don’t you agree?

            So what makes this blog website different from others?  Well to begin with it’s brand new and perhaps more innovative than others you have visited in the past.  I make no apologies, I’m not an expert on anything special but I do love to write and I have a host of experts who are willing to write articles aimed squarely at the senior. I have  experts in, physical therapy, physical fitness from two different approaches, an orthopedic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a chef or two and wine buyer, to name a few. These fine individuals will make this blog different.  I’ll be adding other types of content in the near future to make this an exciting invigorating place to visit often.

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