IMG_2503 (2)Photos of food will follow momentarily. My sister sent me a wondrous cook book entitled “Orgasmic Appetizers” and matching wines. The author is Shari Darling. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is serious about presentations and wine pairings. The book is available on Amazon or you could go to  I got in touch with this lady on her twitter account @ShariDarling  I haven’t been this excited over a cookbook in decades. The photo to the right is seared scallops with pickled ginger & clementine butter sauce.Chinese soup spoons on a marble platter. The cover page of this book above the title is the following,Tiny bites with the Moan Factor. My guests in fact did moan with delight.


Bordeaux White

The wine we drank was a white Bordeaux called Palene it was a 2014 bottle that was ideal for this appetizer.

Pomegranates are in season and a friend had a birthday and “Food & Wine” had this exquisite cake. It was moist and to me delicious. It is a chocolate pomegranate cake.IMG_2498





I’ve become a fan of Farro with its nutty flavor it was part of a small Italian dinner that occurred recently . The salad was composed of Farro, pear, shaved Ricotta salata, brine black olives, and Pomegranate. Farro salad





One of my favorite Italian dishes is Fusilli with mussels Alfio, you absolutely need to have  fresh Italian bread to sop up the sauce. If anyone is interested in these recipes, let me know in the comment section of this blog, or on Twitter at@berman_allan