Now available are two cookbooks that I have written and they are, 70 Quick & Easy Recipes and 70 Easy Recipes for Newlyweds. These books are an ideal foundation for understanding how to prepare visually attractive meals that are flavorful and nutritious. Most meals can be prepped and cooked in under thirty minutes. There are a few recipes for the weekend when folks have a little more time to prepare a lovely brunch or breakfast. There are hearty soups for the winter and cool, refreshing soups for the summer. Every recipe is easy to follow and also details what utensils are required in the preparation. Ingredients list is concise and the directions are precise and easy to comprehend. The book for newlyweds is self explanatory, the 70 Quick & Easy Recipes is ideal for college students who want to enjoy a fast but healthy meal that isn’t fast food, people on the go and have limited time for food preparation. The books reflect our melding of food from other lands. Recipes included are from Spain, Italy, Mexico and Japan in addition to the American southwest. As an added value, for those who purchase a book (s) and opt-in will receive recipes monthly FREE for one year. Why don’t you make someone happy this Christmas and give the book that they will use over and over again for years to come. Follow this link My E-Store for 70 Quick & Easy Recipes. Please use this link for 70
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