A little about myself, I’m a very young seventy-three and I enjoy playing scrabble online to help keep my mind nimble I am a grandfather of thirteen grandchildren and expect several more in the coming years.  I enjoy entertaining and of course quaffing wonderful wines in moderation.

             I enjoy watching most sports now, since I’m a firm believer that we can’t do what we did in our youth so effortlessly. If we think so, my feeling is we are deluding ourselves into making sometimes bad decisions that could cause physical harm to our beings.  For example I don’t jump off cliffs anymore while skiing, I may be young at heart but my bones are seventy three.  This way I get to ski another day and aspire to Heli-ski at least one more time before I get old  I’m looking forward to see this blog evolve  into a meaningful meeting place where diverse spectrum’s of life are discussed.

The bald guy