My friend Alexis, my wing pup Beau and me drove to Liberty Lake WA. This small town is the last city on Interstate 90 before driving into Idaho. There is a very large county park. Some of the features are the circle of very large Cedar Trees, a waterfall, an arduous hike to Mica Peak 5,241 feet above sea level. Our goal was to walk to the Cedar trees. When Beau was half the size he is now I brought him for a walk. He got spooked and ended up in my arms, whimpering about the unseen villain hiding in the dense brush or beyond. He recalls the smells of the past but he is more mature and was inquisitive to the sounds. Including the deep sonorous grumblings of frogs in the large marsh. About ten minutes into our walk we were swallowed by the forest. The temperature dropped dramatically. Serenity and quiet at times belied what lay beyond our visions. Beau although on a leash was busy checking out every plant and opening in the seemingly dense forest. After a while we heard the burbling of a brook tumbling down from the upper reaches of the watershed. Beau to our surprise ventured into the fast running water several times at three of four places along the trail.

Beau and Allan by the stream

We had walked and talked for over an hour and never saw or heard anyone We did see a woman and asked how far the Cedars were. She purposely gave us the wrong information. I often wonder what goes on in My someone’s brain.She told us it was still a long distance when in actuality if was perhaps ten minutes away. I was heartened by the fact that my hips gave me very little pain as in the recent past. I’d like to go back when it is cooler and try for the falls. Beau hiked the five miles without out to much stopping. He did sleep all day afterward. A day pass costs each person $2.00. Here is a link for information on the Park link