Beau my four-footed wing pup and I went walking yesterday along the Spokane River.IMG_2622 The day was unusually warm at this time during the year. A sultry breeze filtered through the leaves and pines’ needles as we walked out onto an open space. I kept seeing a large shadow crossing the ground. After several failed attempts, I finally saw a very big eagle following us, undoubtedly looking forward to having my thirteen pound little dog for a meal. We quickly went back into the forest, and the bird of prey lost interest in Beau the pup.
I was very pleased that this cute little dog had enough sense to walk into the shade and not tug at the leash, so he could run. I brought plenty of water. Here is a clever water dispenser for him.

puppy sozed water bottle

Travel water bottle

I also carried a larger supplemental bottle of water for us to share. I would stop every few minutes to offer Beau water. Beau took a half-hour to walk a half mile; he was sniffing everywhere along the pathways. We eventually ran out of cover as the hot sun beat down.IMG_2645 My pup, stopped walked back to me, stood on his hind legs his front paws on my thigh, telling me he needed water and shade. He drank a large amount of water and slowly found shade and just lay down to recoup his energy. Rested, we crossed the paved trail into the large grassy meadow where Beau, checked out every gopher hole, and he almost caught up with one. We reached the marker to turn around. Nearby on the river side of the trail was a large bushy tree with lots of grass and broken branches. The pup was busy smelling everything. He suddenly looked up and darted to the left. I held him tightly against the pull just inches away was a very small, baby bird, who wasn’t able to fly. Now I don’t know if the bird was injured or was, in fact, too young to fly. I do know its parent was yelling at me and Beau to leave its baby. We of course obliged the mother (father?).
We reentered the forest closer to the river; there was a cacophony of hoots from at least four owls. The hoots seem to rumble out of the forest with a deep resonating sound. I of course could not find them in the trees; for sure, they knew Beau, and I was in their territory. We soon arrived back at the car. I sent all the windows into their respective wells. I blasted the air-conditioning before Beau got in for the ride home.